A Brief History........

"....brewed in the valley-distilled in the Preseli mists"

The original lineup in 1974/5 consisted of 

Roger Winfield- guitar,vocals

Paul Bennett- bass

Bruce knapp- guitar,vocals

Lorna Tibbles - vocals

Paul Morafon- Drums,vocals

Dave Thompson- sax,flute,vocals,percussion

Johnny Richards- percussion

Happy days performing in Wales to a very loyal following- an infectious brand of rhythmic  and melodic songs (penned mostly by Roger Winfield)..............culminating in a memorable  (and final) performance at Meigan Fayre 1975.

After that time all members eventually drifted away to various parts of the world -time flew by....................

Out of the blue in 2012 Bill Hamblett announced that a film that had been made about Meigan Fayre had been "re-discovered" and edited and that he and Roger The Tooth were planning a showing at Small World Theatre........(the film featured a small amount of footage of Mazariba).......

A few phone calls and emails later , and miraculously out of nowhere Mazariba were going to re-form for 2 gigs  with more or less the original lineup. Sadly John Richards passed away some years earlier, Consi, a stalwart of other West Wales bands,replaced the unavailable Lorna on vocals, and Phil Layton stepped in on percussion.

With great success the gigs took place in Nov 2012 - an incredible and emotional experience to be together after all those years..........and inevitably the notion came about to finally record some of those songs.......... rehearsal 2012        Meigan Fayre '75