......with geographic location in parenthesis

Roger Winfield: Guitar,vocals,Aeolian harp (Bristol UK)

Bruce Knapp: Guitar,vocals (London UK)

Paul Bennett: Fretless bass, (NY USA)

Consi Handelsman-Bennett: vocals (NY USA)

Phil Layton: Percussion (Wales,UK)

Paul Morafon: Vocals,drums (Wales,UK)

Erik Olsen: Drums (NY,USA)


Samuel Bennett: Trumpet/Trombone (NY,USA)

Ruth Bennett: Harp (Merida/Mexico)

Jon Handelsman: Tenor sax (Paris,France)

Byron Preston Junior: Drums (NY,USA)

Tom Papell: Keyboards (NY,USA)

Abbie Hastings: Vocals (Bristol,UK)

Al Macintyre: Drums (NY,USA)

Ron Bertolet: Alto sax (NY,USA)

Danny Flam:Trumpet,Trombone,Flugel horn (NY,USA)

Mixed by Mathew Knapp (Brighton UK) 

and Brian D Hardin (Los Angeles,USA)

.....special thanks to Emma Rose for loan of  beat up trombone

All songs arranged and produced by PRB productions